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Yorba Organics Baby Hessian Gift Bag


Product Description

Yorba Organics Baby Hessian Gift Bag is filled with six Yorba Organics Baby trial or travel size products. It's a perfect sample of the Yorba product line for new customers to try or simply for on the go parents. The gift set contains 100 percent all-natural vegan products that cleanses, moisturizes and leaves hair and skin feeling rejuvenated. These fundamental Yorba products come in a limited edition Burlap Yorba Organics Gift Bag that includes Baby Lotion (2 oz.), Baby Powder (1.76 oz.), Wash & Shampoo (2 oz.), Diaper Cream (2 oz.), Insect Repellent (2 oz.), and Surface Sanitizer (3 oz.). Each product is specially formulated with sustainably wild harvested ingredients featuring Kalahari Melon, Baobab, Mafura Butter, Aloe Vera Extracts. The Kalahari Melon Oil, clinically proven to help restructure skin walls, is renowned for its regenerative properties and high levels of essential fatty acids like linoleum acids that leaves the skin supple and hydrated. True pH balance and gentle natural ingredients help to support a baby's skin barrier and immune system. The Organic Baobab Fruit Extract is a super fruit packed with antioxidants, high levels of omega fatty acids, and vitamins help to dry, soften, and smooth delicate skin while supporting skin health. The Wild Harvested Mafura Super Fruit is rich in essential fatty acids that have incredible healing properties shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial that improves skin elasticity, reduces inflammation, and fights bacteria. Aloe Vera protects the skin from harmful bacteria, fungi, and viruses. These products have the signature Yorba aroma of subtle melon tones and are gentle enough for everyday use on the most sensitive skin. This gift bag and travel set has everything you need for your baby and is a perfect introduction to the Yorba Organics product line.

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